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BBC Micro software and utilities

Here are a few utilities and other articles for the BBC.

I've provided a pre-built version of software for RISC OS and a source version for compiling on Unix (see inside the tar-ball for instructions on how to compile). These sources should be (cross-)compiled with gcc for Linux/ GCCSDK for RISC OS running on Linux. You may be able to compile these for Windows using Cygwin. They may or may not compile natively on RISC OS with gcc or Castle C/C++, though this has not been tested.

A puzzle game for the BBC Micro
A puzzle game written for the BBC Micro in assembler. Thought I'd brush up on my 6502 assembler during a quiet moment!
Written as a Christmas present for the BBC-Micro mailing list admins, contributors and "leeches" alike! Please pass on and enjoy!
Available here as an SSD image (suitable for most emulators and writeable to disc using OmniFlop).

Known bugs/problems
  • V1.1 - fixed infinite loop error on write-protected disc/BeebEm
  • You should enable writes to the disc image if you want to save your score in the hi-score table!

v.1.1 ../downloads/

Read from and write to DFS disc images
This utility can be used to read/write/create DFS disc images as used by many emaulators. There are other utilities available to do this job (probably better) but I found them all a bit fiddly to include in Makefiles. The command line nature of this program means it can easily be built into automated systems.

Known bugs/problems
  • Currently only supports 40/80 track standard DFS images. If enough people show interest I could expand this to work with Watford DFS too, for bigger directories.
  • Load/Exec addresses are taken from an .img file or command line arguments. If enough interest is shown these could be transferred directly on RISC OS.
  • Does not always utilise free-space holes correctly

v.0.3 ../downloads/
v.0.3 ../downloads/dfs-0.3.tar.gz

C Cross-compiler that targets 6502 machines, now with BBC/Master compatible libraries
This is a first-cut attempt at getting cc65 to target the BBC micro. This release compiles programs that work on the BBC. The library code is OK excepting that it doesn't always handle errors very well (tends to drop out to BASIC!). This is being worked on but if you steer clear of OS calls, it can currently be used to compile working BBC programs.

After more work and feed-back it is intended that all the code here is folded back into the main cc65 tree, where it can be maintained more easily.

The current version has a reasonable number of the library functions implemented and is set to compile programs at PAGE=&E00. If your machine is set higher then you will need to change src/cl65/cfg/bbc.cfg or specify the start-address on the command line.
The code produced can be quite large so when first trying it is best to use a shadow mode (if available) or stick to MODE 7.

Known bugs/problems
  • Errors in the library routines are not handled correctly.
  • It is intended to make OSLib compatible library available (and to build the library on top of this
  • The current configuration loads programs at PAGE=&E00, others are working on relocators to give a better memory fit.
  • It is intended to make the C runtime library and the OSLib library into ROM(s) which can be SRLOADED or blown as real EPROMS, allowing for much larger programs.

v.0.1 ../downloads/cc65-snapshot-

12 November, 2005 11:56 P.M.

A quick step through of how I got my BBC to connect to my Linux, and how to use the Beeb as a terminal emulator with Linux.

This is not in any real detail or a finished article but is presented in the hope that it may prove to be useful

Here are a few links to sites I've find useful whilst writing this software