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About Me
About Me - Dominic Beesley


Name : Dominic Beesley
Date of Birth : 11 December 1972
Nationality : British
My CV is available : Download CV
Contact :
Address : Nook Cottage, Moss Lane, Hebden Bridge

Work life

I have been developing software for the past twenty years (I sold my first commercial software when I was 14 - a simple text editing module in GWBASIC).

I have a broad range of skills and experience built up over the years from both work and hobbies. I also have deep knowledge of many technologies.

Since graduating from the Univeristy of Newcastle-upon-Tyne I have worked in Legal Publishing and Knowledge Management.

In 2004/5 I took a career break to go travelling around Europe.

In 2006 I have split my time between being a contract web-developer and helping to set up a BioDiesel producing factory.

I am now available for work full time.

About me

Since an early age I have had a keen interest in technology, especially electronics and computers. I now collect vintage radios and computers.

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